producties werk rol boek huis
Gast productions

provides concept, direction and design for media projects. For television, the laptop, the film screen, the browser and even on paper.

Informative or interactive.

A corporate film, a graphic clip, an informative programme or a dip into a multi-media mix.

A guest and a fish

... remain fresh for three days, so the Dutch saying goes. In other words: our role is temporary and no longer than it needs to be, but not without its obligations. Concept, creation and production have the leading roles. The amount of supporting roles depend on the nature and size of the project. All under strict direction.




About ideas and implementation

A good idea is only the beginning.

Implementation is just as important: creatively (keeping to the concept), technically (the idea must be technically possible) and commercially (realistic planning and keeping within the budget).

And where possible a taste of the unexpected....

Keep it simple

This is what we have in mind when we start a project. Bearing in mind that simplicity is not the same as easy. How to summarise a complicated process in a clear yet informative way? An image that stays with you; a metaphor that summons up the desired associations with the target group.

The challenge is to visualise complex subjects and make them comprehensible without simplifying them.