producties werk rol boek huis

This way please.



Gastproducties has realised projects for:



SPOTTED. "Bikes have right of way"

Within our network we rely on long term relationships. DIY, yes but very professional, all of them.



Working as photograpers we have been in Peru. Next Xmas you can see the result: a celebration book for Rabo Foundation.



The clog dance revisited. A new version of the traditional Dutch clog dance. It's pure fun. Thanks to Lucia Marthas and her team of young dancers. For the culture show called TV3.


SPOTTED. The job of a street artist or a statement of a frustrated commuter trying to find his bike?



Illustation and animation are often part of many of our projects. Our collaboration with Studio Yvonne Kroese has almost reached the point of an important anniversary.


Costumes and clothing. Style and perfection: that's Sally Dyer. Modern or historic. Design or found footage. Tailor-made. The old Dutch way or new Holland approach.


Interaction design and programming where complex and informative programmes are concerned is done in co-operation with the boys from Bureau Bambi.

Such as the multi-medial production '150 members of Parliament'. In the square outside the entrance to the House of Representatives a large film screen showing the new MP's and live coverage of the swearing-in.

Concept and direction by Gast Productions, Bambi built the application and the video technique was done by Hulskamp (even though they sometimes had to use the broom cupboard).


When working with graphic media Jan-Paul de Vries of Volta designers is one of our colleagues. Our latest projects are a new identity for NTR, films for Rabobank and the campaign "Chemistry is everywhere" .


Sound and music, audio effects. Joosten and Kuitenbrouwer (plus young Ward) are remarkable musicians. Our long lasting relationship has resulted in award winning productions. They might use a complete orchestra or just play the instruments themselves. Digitally or in the old-fashioned way as seen below.


SPOTTED> Professional graffiti.

Motion design is one of the pillars of our work. For television, corporate films or for teaser clips. Perfectionist Thijs Dikshoorn has for years been our man quietly contributing to our productions behind the scenes. Now for once prominently in the picture.


SPOTTED. Inside a hotelroom.


Culture is often seen as tough to consume or designed for the elite. Cultura is a different channel with a refreshing approach. Yvonne Kroese, Reinoud van Hasselt and René Gast work together in a Trailer Trash production.


SPOTTED. Street game or PDQ job?

We have had a special bond with the NTR for several years; we have designed many of their programmes. Such as 'Bimbos and Burkas': awarded 'Television Moment of the Year'. And recently the biggest job: a new station identity for NTR.

The sky is the limit. A view from the top. The houses of Parliament or farms in the fields. Politicians and cows. Anything will do.


The technical man behind our website: Edwin Slothouber. Relaxing with his drum sticks if not working behind his computer.


SPOTTED. Road sign in China. No doubt what is means.


Camera, sound, light, grip, make-up, costumes. Every member of the crew or the cast is equally important when filming. Whether it is in a studio or on location.


We used to work as Frame to Frame moving pictures before we started Gastproducties. René Gast and comrade Warner Krol pioneering in the early days when 'digital' wasn't yet mainstream.


SPOTTED. "In addition could you NOT feed the swans WHITE BREAD as this can also be a danger - Wholemeat Bread Please."